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Our company promotes the inherent value of global travel for all, especially our youth

Benefits of Cross-Cultural Education

Cross-Cultural Education (CCE) is an immersion-based education that places students with other cultures in unfamiliar environments. Such experience will develop new knowledge and skills that will create an appreciation of how other cultures relate within the context of their environment.

CCE allows students to appreciate the differences and similarities of various cultures and helps to increase their knowledge and acceptance of the differing realities. The interaction with other cultures will raise awareness of global issues and - as they experience the challenges of having to communicate in Japanese – they will become appreciative of the cultural and linguistic challenges faced by English as a Second Language students in their own school. It is believed that knowledge takes place through active transformative experience in all of us. Experiential learning through travel creates student empathy for other cultures and a greater understanding of the political and economic forces that shape societies. The in-depth approach will help to dispel the stereotype of Japan as 'exotic' and ‘mysterious’ nation.

About Us

The principals of Pacific Rim Educational Consultants have assisted Canadian and Japanese education to implement educational and cultural tours as well as establish sister school relationships. We have been an independent education service since 2000, and have provided services to travel agencies, school boards, universities, public and private elementary and high schools (both in Japan and Canada) and have given many presentations on student travel, student/teacher exchanges and sports/martial arts tours to Asia and Hawai’i and have organized and led tours to these regions.

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We have assisted Canadian boards of education in the writing of Asia Pacific resources and credit courses in compliance with provincial ministries of education guidelines.

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Pacific Rim Educational Consultants have participated in student and teacher conferences around the Japanese Canadian internment and the history of the Japanese Canadian Redress campaign. Further, we have taken part in the promotion of Japanese products for Canadian consumers.

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Pacific Rim Educational Consultants have extensive contacts within the Japanese Canadian community in 17 locations across the country.

Overview of Service Provided

  • Educational travel consultants with expertise in China, Japan and Hawai’i
  • Experts on school fund raising campaigns
  • Writing Asia-Pacific resources and curriculum courses of study
  • Workshop facilitators
  • Motivational speakers
  • Educational seminars on Asia-Pacific
  • Japanese Canadian Internment
  • Web and graphic design
  • Editorial services

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